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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PG&E Email Notifications

I wrote before on crazy email notifications from PG&E.

I should have pointed out another annoying aspect of the email. Here's another example.

Dear Valued Customer,

A new energy statement for your PG&E account ****** is now available to view online. You can also pay your bill online, or print a copy of your statement.

PG&E energy statement (e-Bills) information
Amount Due:$0.00
Bill Date:January 6, 2011

To view or pay this bill, login to My Account at:

You will need to enter your user name and password.

Click below to view the most recent bill inserts including any legal and mandated notices.

Note the amount due figure of $0.00

I'll hazard a guess that the reason for this is that I have autopay set up. So, as an autopay customer, I am being penalized. I will have to drill into PG&E site to find out what the actual bill amount. If I wasn't on autopay, I guess that I would see the bill amount, and could decide to drill into the details if it seemed abnormal.

Please PG&E - show me the bill amount!

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