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Friday, May 15, 2009

Fastrak Website problems

I received as snail mail letter from Fastrak to say that my credit card was expiring, and that I needed to update the credit card expiration date.

So I logged into Fastrak, changed the expiration date, and hit Save.

I got an error.

Using my powers of intuition, I figured that Fastrak was verifying the credit csard number "************6731", and reporting that this was invalid.

I entered the full credit card number, and my changed expiration date was now accepted.

Pretty lame.

Here's how the process should work. Fastrak sends me an email stating that my credit card expiration date has expired. I reply to the message with my new expiration date - "03/12". Of course, there may be some credit card company rules that forbid this kind of freindly user interface.

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