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Friday, May 15, 2009

AT&T Signin frustration

My credit card has expired, so needed to sign in to my AT&T account to change the expiration.

Problem was, I couldn't remember my account name, or password. Through a process that worked fairly well, was able to get a temporary password, and then get my account name.

So, then logged in. Because I had a temporary password, I was prompted to change it. Nothing unusual in that. However, here's the screen I got after pressing the Continue button.

The little red bar was some kind of error message. But what was the error?

I took a look at the page source to see if that could give me a hint. No!

Could it be related to password complexity? I tried again with my super complex password - upper case, lower case *and* numbers. That didn't help!

I am really frustrated with this.

UPDATE 5/16/09
I'm using Firefox browser on Mac. On a hunch, I tried Safari, and was able to change my password!

Unfortunately, I got to this stage:

Will I ever be able to change my credit card expiration date?

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