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Monday, May 03, 2010

My Next Computer

My current computer is a 15" pre-unibody MacBook Pro.

I upgraded the memory to 4GB, and the hard drive to 640GB.

I was thinking about what will be necessary in my next machine.

Here's the list:

I don't want my next machine to have a place to put plastic disks into it. This will save weight, smooth out the lines of the computer, and stop the occasional mechanical sounds that come even when there is no disk in the player.

Higher Resolution Display
The current MacBook Pro is available with a 1680x1050 display. I'd like to get even higher resolution, and possibly OLED??

Solid State Drive and Large Capacity Hard Drive
I'd like a Solid State Drive to speed up access to files. However, it's likely that the combination of SSD and large capacity is going to stay expensive, so I'd like a large capacity hard drive to store infrequently accessed files. It would be best if this works transparently, and the SSD acts like a large capacity cache for the hard drive.

This cache should be smart. eg mp3 and movie files never need to be in there (unless I'm editing them), so leave the cache for swap, programs, system files.

HDMI Output
Ability to get video and audio output to a HDMI TV.

Needs to look Sleek and Minimalistic
As few buttons and flashing lights as possible.

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