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Thursday, January 15, 2009

US Airways 1549

From flightaware.com, the tracklog of US Airways 1549.  

TimePositionGround speedAltitudeFacility
Eastern TZLatitudeLongitudektsFeetLocation/Type
03:26PM40.80-73.871511800 level New York TRACON
03:27PM40.83-73.871742800 climbing New York TRACON
03:27PM40.86-73.881943200 climbing New York Center
03:28PM40.88-73.902022000 descending New York TRACON
03:28PM40.86-73.932151600 descending New York Center
03:29PM40.83-73.951941200 descending New York TRACON
03:29PM40.82-73.971911300 climbing New York Center
03:30PM40.78-74.00189400 descending New York TRACON
03:31PM40.75-74.02153300 descending New York TRACON

The 03:31PM Location seems a little south of where the NY Times has the location of the crash.

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